We started Harris & Thurston in 2006 after seeing a gap in the market for handcrafted quality wooden furniture.

Our customers were so impressed by our workmanship that they started asking for kitchens, one-off bathroom vanities and a variety of inbuilt shelving and storage solutions.

As demand grew we decided to specialise in kitchens but because of our varied qualifications and backgrounds, we still do all manner of unique projects from refurbishing granny’s old rocking chair to designing one-off bedheads with a matching dresser… once we even made a possum plucker!

Before we joined forces and started our own company, Ian worked for over 10 years as a Boat Builder and retains a passion for the craftsmanship of traditional wood working techniques.

His experience working in the tight confines of galley kitchens translates into some very creative uses of awkward nooks and crannies and ensures maximum use of the available space.

A keen sailor, he’s still called on to design and build the occasional galley and he also enjoys restoration work. One of the more unusual projects he has worked on was repairing the original woodwork of a Model A Ford.

Stephen is a qualified cabinet maker and brings a wealth of kitchen joinery experience to the table.

A talented amateur chef, Stephen understands the importance of good workflow and utility placement and can help you plan a practical layout.

Like Ian, he also enjoys building and restoring furniture and of the many pieces he has rejuvenated, his fully refurbished stereo speakers are a personal favourite.

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